Sunday, January 6, 2008

Seattle Wedding Show, Day Two

So in regards to yesterday's post about tuxedo trends, it's true: Brown tuxedos are the hot thing for grooms! It makes sense, being that chocolate is a big color in weddings (chocolate and robin's egg blue, chocolate and fern green, chocolate and chocolate-chocolate, blahblahblah.) And these styles are really sharp, nothing like the thick, nubby, poo-brown polyester tuxes from the 70s. The brown tux (top) even wore a declaration of cool—The Hottest Tux in Town!—in case you didn't notice the other half-dozen brown tuxes all around the show. The gorgeous striped one (my favorite) is Fubu from Brocklind's; the bottom one is an After 6 Brown Suit, modeled by a natty gent from the Tux Shop. Their booth was right next to the (very loud) fashion show and those poor guys had become seriously punchy from hearing The Righteous Brothers on an endless loop—I told them that punchy was an inevitable and classic wedding show malady!

So I concede that the brown tux is the most surprising trend this year, but in my book, classic black is always a strong contender. Won't these brown tuxedos look dated in five years, the way powder-blue 70s tuxedos do?


Dinea de Photo said...

I love the chocolate suits. I posted a slideshow of my favorites from the Fashion show at my blog I think chocolate suits are elegant.

Ali Basye said...

Dinea, your photos on your blog are beautiful. I loved the Tux Shop Elvises, too, very clever and the models looked like they were having a lot of fun.