Friday, December 17, 2010

Ali on the Radio!

I just finished doing a really fun segment on KUOW Presents, a terrific radio program on 94.9-FM, about three December-released films that offer great take-away fashion. All three films were recently featured on On This Day In Fashion: Morocco (1930), starring Marlene Dietrich and her pants; Saturday Night Fever (1977), starring John Travolta and his 19-year-old polyester-clad butt; and Out of Africa (1985), starring Meryl Streep and her amazing hats.

This is the second time KUOW has featured On This Day In Fashion on its program, and I don't think I was quite as relaxed as the first time around, but maybe it was just because I love these three films so much. You be the judge. Writers Katrina Ernst and Kristine Lloyd did a terrific job with the Cinemodes they wrote about the films—The New York Times even picked up and linked to Saturday Night Fever (!!)—so big kudos to those gals.

You can listen to the segment—it's about five minutes long—on