Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Basye-Davis Wedding in Seattle Bride!

The issue hit newsstands last month, so I figure it was about time to post this: Todd's and my wedding was featured in the upcoming issue of Seattle Bride magazine! This wasn't a shocker, of course. After Todd proposed, one of my first thoughts was to call Rachel Hart, the editor of Seattle magazine and editorial director of all the Seattle-based Tiger Oak publications, as well as one of my mentors. Rachel has been rooting for a Basye wedding for almost as long as we've been friends, and we both got our wish last August. So I had a feeling she'd want to feature the wedding in Northwest Album, the section that highlights fun, local weddings, and maybe even have me pen the thing, which I happily did. But I had no idea she'd dedicate four pages to it! I feel very honored, and I think art director Alicia Nammacher did an amazing job fitting so many photos into a flattering layout. All the photos are by Cheri Pearl of Cheri Pearl Photography. Pretty cool, don't you think?