Saturday, January 5, 2008

Seattle Wedding Show, Day One

Today kicked off the Seattle Wedding Show and despite the fact that the event overlapped with a Seahawks playoff home-game (they won; yay Hawks!), the convention center had an amazing turnout of brides and, yes, grooms (most of whom wore their Hawks jerseys, natch).

I worked the booth with Seattle Bride's fab marketing gal, Elizabeth (see above), and we sold a ton of magazines: Just $3 gets you the brand new issue of Seattle Bride magazine and a copy of the 2008 Seattle Bride Resource Guide—both cost $6 in stores so it's a great deal for Puget Sound–area couples. Everyone seemed excited about the new issue, especially the photography feature and the fashion shoots.

Tomorrow I'll blog from the event and report on the hottest new trends and vendors. Since there's no game to keep the couples away, I think the place will be packed. It's cool to see the hundreds and hundreds of happy couples, of all ages and styles, making their plans toward the altar. I even saw my ex-boyfriend there and his lovely fiancée (nope, no hard feelings; I love them both) reporting that brown(!) tuxes are this year's big wedding trend for grooms. I'll have to look into this further!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Looking for a place to host wedding show of my niece. Will book one of iconic Seattle convention center for the event. Going to invite all her old and new friends. Have to make the day a grand success for her with perfect arrangements.