Monday, January 7, 2008

Interview on A Full Plate

Writer, editor and busy mom Sarah Jio recently interviewed me and posted the results as a kind of "All About Ali" on her terrific blog, A Full Plate, where she dishes about writing, motherhood and what's for dinner. Sarah writes for top-notch publications, including O, Glamour, Health, SELF, and Fitness, among many others, so it's great to be affiliated with such esteemed company! Check it out at A Full Plate and then take a look at the rest of Sarah's blog. I especially like the food section, although I'm in awe that a woman raising a little one has time to make a gorgeous tray of Meyer lemon souffles, not to mention prune cake along with the rest of her Christmas feast. Who even knew you could buy Meyer lemons in December? Not me!

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