Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Skirting the Law!

I'm a week behind on this story but it's so crazily skirt-centric I had to comment!

Kyla Ebbert, a 23-year-old college student and busty Hooters employee, was almost kicked off a Southwest airlines flight for wearing a frayed white denim miniskirt, tight, white scoop-neck top and little green shrug a flight attendant deemed too short. She was removed from the plane, lectured in what she claims was earshot of the passengers, advised to buy a less-revealing outfit from a gift shop, and then allowed to reboard anyway, as long as she tugged down her skirt and pulled up her neckline. Shortly after that, another gal got the same humiliating lecture on a different SW flight, and was made to cover up with a blanket before takeoff.


The ladies got themselves lawyers, natch, and appearances on the Today Show and Dr. Phil, but I think they need to rally the enthusiasm along the lines of Zoe Hinkle, the 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl who protested her school's Draconian dress code last year, marched in a blue denim miniskirt while waving a sign that read "Style is Freedom!"

No doubt this story will be passed off as a joke (the airline issued a mock press release on the subject in what must be an attempt to steer public opinion into thinking the two women are buffoons), but I think it's a story worth watching.

Will Southwest Airlines start an official dress code? Can a flight attendant have absolute power to deem which clothes are appropriate for a "family airline," (the reason given for Kyla's reprimand) and what isn't?

And most importantly, is the busty hirsute SW Airline stew who served me in 1992—the last time, and I mean the LAST—I flew SW—still pushing her own low-cut cleave against female passengers' faces and dragging her waist-length curly mane through passengers' cups of Pepsi?

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