Saturday, September 1, 2007

On the TV ... today!

I just found out that I'm on the History Channel today on a show called "The States". It airs nationally at 2 be sure to tune in!

From what I've been told (the show originally aired in June), I'm only on for a couple minutes--if that--but I had a lot of fun taping the segment. I met the producer when I was visiting my friend Jeri Callahan (aka the Houseboat Lady) on her houseboat in Lake Union last July. She was filming a bit for them about houseboat living and when they met me and heard about The History of the Skirt, they invited me to contribute to the show (I'm sure the fact that I was lounging around in a bikini had nothing to do with it!). We met the next day at Top Pot Donuts and they set up this elaborate filming area and we chatted about my fabulous life working as a freelance writer in Seattle. All in all, we taped for about an hour, so I'm anxious to see what was included!

The States, 2 p.m., The History Channel

Update: My scintillating "segment" aired for a mere 3 seconds not 3 minutes and none of it was about my book! But as my friend Dave pointed out, all of Eastern Washington hit the cutting room floor and I got 3 seconds, so I didn't do too badly.

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