Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I do love it.

Admit It. You Love It. It Matters.

"It" being fashion and the article is from Sunday's NYT. The writer (Guy Trebay) loves his adjectives and he's crams a bevy of them into his 2-page article to describe Fashion: bourgeois, girly, unfeminist, conformist, elitist, frivolous, anti-intellectual, cultural stepchild, superficial, blameless, to name a few. It's no wonder we're fascinated by It!

Fashion insiders and fashionistas get their own laundry list of creative monikers: pixie-dust people, cuckoos, extravagant mythomaniacs, fops, dandies, flibbertigibbets, socialite geishas, second-rate celebrities, editorial priestesses, idlers and dupes. (I wonder where I, a Seattle-based fashion editor, fall into the mix?)

In between all the demiurgic wordage (see, I can do it, too), the article is a good read and makes some good points. Namely, that despite all the fanfare, criticism and debate, fashion is not only irresistible, it serves as an important measure of history. Agreed!

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