Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Projects in the News!

I was so pleased to receive two new magazines in the mail last week and discover both featured stories about two of my latest projects! I knew both stories were running, of course, but you kind of forget about these things until they land in your lap—kind of like online shopping from French websites: By the time you receive your goodies you forgot you ordered them.

Anyway! The new, Fall/Winter Seattle Bride magazine is out—the first issue I haven't worked on in 12 years—and it is just sensational. The cover model is a beautiful redhead and my new inspiration
for my own wedding makeup. (Now if only I could nail down my hair/makeup artist and I'd be set). The issue features a great review of The Newlywed Kitchen as well as Rosanna Bowles new cookbook, Coming Home: A Seasonal Guide to Creating Family Traditions. I haven't read Rosanna's tome but I'm a fan of her shop and her cookbook sounds right up my alley. So thanks to editor Sally for the props!

Also out last week is the new August issue of Seattle magazine, which is dedicated to sandwiches, a topic I think is just brilliant. Seattle mag is where I cut my teeth more than a decade ago, starting as an intern before getting a job as assistant editor and then moving up the ranks. It's basically where I learned everything I know from my mentor, editor Rachel Hart. The team there has been incredibly supportive of every move I've made since leaving my post there in 2004—even including a review of my book, The Madcap History of the Skirt, when it came out in 2007—and now they've printed a great little tidbit about my new website, On This Day In Fashion, written by my good friend Kate Calamusa. As if that weren't enough, last week I wrapped up my second of two photoshoots for the magazine's September Fashion issue, which features some of the city's most stylish folks including—ahem—me!

It's this kind of support and these longtime, lasting friendships that make me love my life and where I live. So to both publications: thank you, thank you, thank you!