Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is actually my dream wedding necklace...

I spent a sick day yesterday catching up on fashion blogs (my list of daily "must-reads" has grown to, like, 70), and I nearly fell out of bed when I saw this found-object necklace on W magazine's normally, er, dreary site. The writer spotted it at the SOFA show at the NY Amory, and took the time for a short Q&A with the artist, Jennifer Trask. I'm anti-taxidermy, and don't fawn over mounted antlers and the rest of that hunter's-kill-chic ilk, but this highly polished necklace of deer antlers, cow and ox bones, pigeon skull, nutria teeth, pre-ban ivory, plastic, steel, brass and five tiny hidden diamonds looks like 18th-century porcelain and I'm smitten. My first thought: This is the perfect necklace to wear with my GG wedding dress! (Unconventional, yes, but so is my whole bridal ensemble.) Anyone have an extra $14K and wants to treat me to an early wedding present? :)

From top: Jennifer Trask’s necklace, $14,000,;; Trask’s wall installation for the Museum of Arts and Design’s Dead or Alive exhibit.