Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wedding Talk on Nearlywed Radio

Late Friday night I got one of those "pleasecallmebacknomatterwhattime" messages from my friend Gayle, the owner of All About Weddings & Celebrations and one of the hosts of Nearlywed Radio. It turns out that her co-host was down-and-out with the flu, and she needed a last-minute stand-in for a live radio show the next morning: Would I be up for the gig? Gayle knows me too well; I love to chat! So Saturday a.m. I rolled my bike over to VegFest at the Seattle Center, where KKNW had a booth set up for the show. It was really fun! We interviewed the owner of Upper Crust Catering, who, for health reasons, has become an "extreme vegan," and now creates vegan and veg menus for weddings. I also got to blab about my own wedding plans: What bride-to-be doesn't love that? You can listen to the whole show here.

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