Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Closet Envy

I love clothes, but the truth is I'm more a fan of clever design than amassing loads of outfits and trends of the moment. Even more limiting on my clothing purchases is my not-so-secret alter ego as a guilt-ridden tree hugger. People are usually surprised when they see how few clothes and shoes my partner (who puts my own style to shame) have in our adjoining walk-in closet. But style, my dears, is all smoke and mirrors! Purchase and hold onto interesting and well-made clothes—I especially love finding great vintage—and do a lot with the art of mix-and-match and your friends will get the impression you're the next Anna Piaggi. And until this afternoon, when I caught one of the newer Closet Confessions on Bluefly, I was quite content with my minimalist style. Then Kelly Cutrone goes and offers a tour of one of her many, many closets and I developed a serious case of…want. Watch it and weep.

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