Monday, October 6, 2008

Paris, Day 4: Clingnancourt and Montmarte

Todd arrived at the crack of dawn (before I even crawled home from my late night, poor thing) and we moved to the 16th and checked into our amazing digs at La Réserve. As you can see, we are essentially on top of the Eiffel Tower—it's beyond a dream! The staff here apparently guessed my weakness: fabulous, fabulous macaroons.

Soon we were met by our fabulous guide, Bob, and photographer, Frank, for a guided tour of the Clingnancourt flea market. It was so valuable having a local lead us through the streets: The market is huge and fakes are numerous enough that anyone doing serious shopping would really want to bring along expertise. I loved the vintage clothes, of course, and spotted a fetching Schiaparelli suit and a lot of Chanel, but didn't purchase anything. Someday I'll own the perfect vintage Schiaparelli...

Next up was a tour of Montmarte where I had my first snail in the shell experience. So French—and delish!

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Shenna said...

Wow -- everything looks totally fabulous! I'm glad you're having such a great time and I'm enjoying following your adventures through the blog! au revoir!