Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paris Day 3: Chloe

Just a few quick notes about the Chloe show this afternoon in the Jardin des Tuileries before I run off to a dinner: Celebrity sightings were (obvs) numerous; favorite moments included the can't-miss entrance of the unbeatable Anna Piaggi and her sun visor over a purple bandana headband; Santino (!?!) avoiding Nina, who kept her classic Project Runway pursed smile on her face throughout the show (but she looked really lovely, one of the prettiest women there); Carine Roitfeld's awesome collar (she sat right across from me with her daughter, looking right out of the fashion pages), Bill Cunningham(!!) sort of taking pictures and sort of looking like everything was going too fast; the frenzy that ensued when a young little actress whom I as usual cannot recognize showed up; and just the overall vibe was swank and FUN.

Thanks to Benedicte (below) and her connection at Chloe for the "in." I'm thrilled to say I've done (slight exaggeration) Paris Fashion Week! (oh and I even got my pic taken by a photographer for Elle, I think the French version. I'd love to see my current fave Gary Graham dress in "On the Street" :)

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Emily M. said...

Wheeee! I'm so happy you're there and having such a good time AND blogging about it. Thanks for the photos here and on Facebook. I can't believe I didn't log in until today. What's next on your super fab itinerary?!