Friday, June 22, 2007

Seattle Bride on Northwest Afternoon

Thanks to everyone who called or wrote encouraging notes regarding my segment on Northwest Afternoon on 6/21 promoting Seattle Bride. (Yes, I think they should have given us more time, too!) But I think my 6 minutes of fame went well and I was really happy to promote the ten or so vendors (10 vendors in 6 minutes!!) who generously put together props and products for the show. It didn't hurt that I loved everything that was on stage with me, so if I seemed relaxed and natural it was only because I was talking about stuff I really like!

Hopefully I'll learn how to post a video soon (I have a painfully slow learning curve when it comes to learning computer stuff) and everyone can enjoy the magic.

Also yesterday was Seattle Bride's 5th Annual Best of Bride Party, and I have to say it was the best one ever. Reasons being that we have a really hip and innovative marketing and promotions crew (hi Rachael and Elizabeth!) who put together a terrific set-up and kept things going smoothly and organized and the venue (Pan Pacific Hotel) was fantastic. I have pretty neutral reaction when a new hotel opens because they're all super nice and they all give good service and have a good restaurant and offer luxury bedding and conference rooms with the latest in high-tech AVA equipment and blah blah blah, so how much can you say about it? But the party space at the Pan Pacific is gorgeous, with a super-cool balcony overlooking southwest city view, big windows and high ceilings, lovely colors and landscaping---I'd recommend it to anyone and I'd certainly get married there in a heartbeat! I meant to bring a camera and take snapshots and naturally I forgot, but if you want to see pictures from it you can visit the Team Photogenic web site in a couple of days and take a looksie.

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