Monday, June 18, 2007

cupcakes, KONG toppers and more

After days and days of clothes shopping and trying on dozens of different outfits, toying with my hair and makeup (yes, I thankfully decided green eye shadow would definitely NOT work on HDTV) and rehearsing flower pronunciations like crazy, I finally taped my Best of Bride segment for Northwest Afternoon on KONG. And the good news is, it was really fun and went super smoothly! As usual, all my worrying was for nothing because everyone at the station was so friendly and relaxed that they put me at ease right away. Plus it's so stupid to worry about being "perfect" for TV. Everyone I've ever met who works in TV or other glamour jobs in this town are so down-to-earth (not a trace of Faye Dunaway, a lá Network, at all!) As for what I wore, I always feel like I should wear a skirt these days, to subliminally promote my book in some way, but this was for Seattle Bride so I let the skirt rest and hit up my old stand-by, Anthropologie, and wore striped pants and a jacket. I love that store! It never fails to serve me in a pinch.

Another reason it was ridiculous of me to stress out is that the segment was all of six minutes. In real time, those six minutes simultaneously went super quickly and seemed to last forever (especially when I realized I couldn't remember any of the flowers in the gorgeous bouquet Athina at Athena Flora made for the show--even though they were mostly roses and peonies). Other corrections: Trophy Cupcake is NOT on Queen Anne but in Wallingford, and--most importantly--all those amazing dressmakers and mannequins were generously loaned to Seattle Bride by Joe at Northwest Mannequin in Green Lake and I forgot to credit them altogether. I'm so bummed about that because Northwest Mannequin is a super cool place that more people should know about. I won't lie: It is pretty creepy walking into a dimly lit room FILLED with every size, shape, color and gender of mannequin you can imagine, but the whole scene is so macabre that it eventually grows on you. So if you need a dressmaker or dummy, go to Northwest Mannequin!

The amazing thing was--despite a few flubs--I managed to fit a ton of Seattle Bride "best of" information into those 6 minutes. We covered:

• a gorgeous Cicada corset and fishtail skirt---stunning!
• an Elsie Katz Couture gold floral number that is out of this world! I must have it!
• Vera Wang from Voletta Couture--need I say more? It's a perfect work of art.
• Trophy Cupcakes and vintage party favors. I'm obsessed with this place--and I didn't even know I LIKED cupcakes!
• artisan chocolates from Theo and Chocolate Vitale--holy cow! Could these guys have given us MORE chocolate? Both places hooked us up with so much chocolate I'm guessing the studio audience STILL has the jitters! (I know I do--look how long this post is!)
• stunning, stunning bouquets from Athina--you can always count on her to do "camera ready" work--and John Gardner at Aria Style. His green and ivory bouquet had mint leaves and poppy buds, among other funky Northwest flora. I've got his bouquet in front of me right now and it's a piece of art and smells wonderful. Amazing.
• a HUGE shimmering cake from Bonnie at New Renaissance. It was coated in opalescence(!) and dotted with dropped sugar teardrops!
• cake toppers from way-cool Mike Leavitt including a KONG topper in the likeness of Kent and Natasha. How way-cool is that? Kent loved it. I wish Natasha had been there to see it.
• the golf club at Hotel 1000 as the best new place to have your bachelor or bachelorette party.

The segment airs at 3 p.m. on 6/21 on KONG, for anyone who wants to tune in, and (eventually) I'm going to attempt to post my six minutes of fame here, but given that I've had this blog for 4 months and still haven't figured out how to post pictures, this latter video-posted-on-blog plan might be a pipe dream (do they even call them videos anymore?)

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