Friday, October 8, 2010

Ali and On This Day In Fashion on the Radio!

I just wrapped up a great Cinemode segment about fashion in film on KUOW, the local affiliate of NPR, for "KUOW Presents." Host Jeannie Yandel and I talked about three movies that demonstrated the power of personal style, even when the means at hand are entirely limited. Can you guess what the movies were? Okay, I'll save you the suspense: Grey Gardens (the documentary not the Drew Barrymore remake), Times Square and Pretty in Pink. I especially loved how Jeannie spliced in bits from each film: Edie's famous monologue about her revolutionary costume, Nicky's call to arms, and the scene where Andi's dad marvels at his daughter's creative seamstress skills. You can listen to the segment here (it's about five minutes long), and while you're at it, throw a few bucks toward KUOW—it's pledge-drive time! Thanks to Jeannie and KUOW for having On This Day In Fashion on the air!

Photos: Four very different fashionistas from three very different films (left to right): Grey Gardens, Times Square and Pretty in Pink. What do they all have in common? None of them have any money but they've got a lot of sartorial spirit.

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