Saturday, September 4, 2010

Seen in Seattle magazine!

This post is reblogged from "Àli Mode," my editor's note from the September 1 edition of On This Day In Fashion.

I’ve been trying to think of better titles for a weekly editor’s note than, um, “Editor’s Note” and I’m toying with the idea of Àli Mode. Get it? It’s me, but “of the style or fashion.” What do you think? Too silly, or kind of cute? Maybe I need to sit on it for a week and see how it looks.

I guess I’m not entirely trusting my own instincts on much of anything this week because I have been feeling a little too silly and cute lately, and I’m not normally an overly silly or cute kind of gal. But as has already been relayed in this space several times, I got married
last Thursday, and let me tell you that weddings, as much as you don’t want them to be, are pretty much all-consuming. I edited a wedding magazine for a number of years, and now after going through my own nups I have a whole new outlook on the topic in general. All of those vendors who work their asses off—seriously—and the amount of emotional effort that goes into planning it and pulling it off is just exhausting and surreal. Cody and Rachel were just rock stars while I was gone, writing
stories and Facebooking and Twittering their fingers off, so a whole lot of thanks goes to them for holding down the fashion fort. Anyway, it’s been almost a week since I crossed to the other side, so here's hoping I’ll be fully back down on earth by the start of next week!

One terrific thing that happened last Tuesday was that my old boss and mentor, Rachel Hart, who is the editor of Seattle magazine and the editorial director of a whole slew of other publications, organized a little mani-pedi bachelorette party for me at this great nail parlor called Julep. That in itself was wonderful enough, but the big surprise came when she pulled out copies of the September issue of Seattle magazine, which features me on the cover, as well as a wonderful feature fashion story that includes a killer write-up by Kate Calamusa about On This Day In Fashion! I’m just over-wowed by the whole experience, and would like to express to the whole team of Kate, Rachel, Sue, Haley and all the rest: Thank you!

The cover wasn’t a complete surprise, as they had gathered four of us for a shoot back in early July. We didn’t know who or how many of us would make it as cover girls, so it was a really fun surprise to see that I made the cut (along with cover girl, Linda Dershang, who owns pretty much every great bar in my neighborhood, and cover boy and natty weatherguy, Steve Poole, who gave me excellent marriage advice during the photo shoot—so thanks to both Linda and Steve, too!)

Oh, and as for the fashion notes: For both shots I was totally representing my Delaware roots and wore fellow D-native Gary Graham dresses and accessories, and local boutique Alhambra even lent me a lovely GG jacket and slip. Most of my jewelry is from Hitchcock, which I think is one of the most original and destination-worthy boutiques in the Northwest. So, please, go to and read the story or, even better, pick up a copy at your local newsstand, check out the issue from cover to cover and tell us what you think!

Given that this isn't a wedding site, I appreciate you all for bearing with me during my “bridal stage.” The party came off without a hitch, the Gary Graham wedding dress was a knock-out (am I becoming a brand spokesperson for GG or what?) and the honeymoon was sweet but short. From here on out—or, uh, at least until the wedding photos roll in later this month—we are back to all fashion, all the time.

Photos by Haley Young for Seattle magazine.


Carrie owner of Bella Cupcake Couture said...

Oooh I like Ali' Mode. Sounds chic!

If you were going to write about "culinary delights" you could title it Ali Carte but that is another lifetime. ;)

Ali Basye said...

ha! I actually really like Ali Carte. But we will leave that one for an Ali that works in pastries.
Thanks again for your lovely contributions to our wedding. It was really fabulous. :)