Friday, February 12, 2010

Bloggers on Alexander McQueen

Like anyone who loves to wear great clothes and follow fashion behind-the-scenes, I was sad and speechless after reading about the death of Alexander McQueen yesterday. What’s to say? He was an inspiration and a great artist (although I like best what Andre Leon Talley said on Heard on the Runway: “He was a great poet. There are very few poets left.”)

I occasionally edit fashion shoots and write about fashion for a couple of print magazines, but yesterday was the day of the fashion blogger. The outpouring of sentiment was so, so touching; blog after blog revealed so much passion for the artistry of McQueen’s work—the same passion, I believe, that inspires bloggers to peck out their musings, reports and tributes to fashion and style day after day after day.

When an artist (or poet) dies, that person doesn’t get the same kind of media worship a pop-culture-style celebrity would. That may be a good thing in some respects, but even over-the-top “very special tributes” from news anchors and gossipy shows help give fans some closure. Yesterday that role fell to fashion bloggers, and from what I saw and read, they stepped up and did a glowing, respectful and very tasteful job. Reading them helped give me, anyway, some peace and closure.

Here are a few great pictures of Alexander McQueen's work, culled from—where else?—various fashion blogs.

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