Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ali Takes Paris—and Gary Graham

Photograph: The New York Times
I just learned that I'm headed off to Paris for 10 days in October to report on behind-the-scenes shopping and the all-around Good Life in the City of Light (fancy hotels and restaurants, private fashion shows and cooking classes, perfume workshops and hair and makeup sessions and the like). I know, tough life, right? I'm giving thanks to the goddesses of good fortune!

In any case, as excited as I am to visit (and shop in) Paris again, I'm especially stoked to drop into New York for a few hours to see the new Gary Graham boutique at ABC Carpet & Home. Anyone who knows me knows I'm smitten with GG clothes—it's my one splurge—so I was giddy to hear about his new boutique opening early last month.

Except so far I've heard little about it! I'm curious about which pieces he is selling—I love the new shibori dress and striped shirt/skirt—not to mention what the overall experience is like. Have you been to the new boutique and loved it…or hated it?

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