Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goodbye Lycra, Hello Cycle Chic!

Here we go again!
Today’s London Telegraph has an article called “Goodbye Lycra, Hello Street Cred” about how urban cycling is no longer just a pastime for jocked-out sportos but an Officially Cool mode of transpo for fashionistas.

Hm … sounds strangely familiar to an article I just wrote for Textile View magazine called “Cycle Chic!”

But here's the rub: The Telegraph cites as evidence of this “trend” the new, limited edition, eight-gear bicycle soon to come from Chanel (about $12,000 US), and the Emporio Armani Bianchi from 05.

Um, I’m sorry, but when did Chanel or Armani ever equal street cred?!? (I’m envisioning a pack of bike messengers kicking the couture crap out of a Chanel bicycle, Romper Stomper style, while a waify Euro-model stands off to the side wailing for help).

The bottom line: Expensive designer labels are never, ever hip. They are faddish, unlike cycling, and fun but only indicative of a person’s paycheck, not their sense of style. Check out the simple, sexy-tough style of my neighbor in the photo above (an outtake from “Cycle Chic”) and her beautiful streamlined bike—that she built herself. Now that's street cred, people!

Stay tuned for “Cycle Chic”—the real story about cycling street cred—in the upcoming issue of Textile View!

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